AI is being called the modern-day gold rush.

Every day, people invent new apps, software, and courses, trying to “strike it rich” like old-timey prospectors.

But many people forget that it wasn’t the gold miners who made money in the gold rush; it was the entrepreneurs “selling the shovels” who struck it rich.

Companies like Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo bank were born this way.

So, if AI is the new gold rush, then you should be looking at who’s selling the shovels.

What do people need in order to make AI succeed?

Remember, AI is simply software running from computer servers.

Same for coin mining.

Even the “cloud” is just a bunch of computer servers at a data center.

There aren’t many future scenarios where we won’t need a lot of computer processing power from data centers.

So, if you want to “sell shovels to the gold miners,” I recommend investing in data centers.

This is how you can invest in AI without developing an app or giving the money to your brother-in-law’s new AI business.

One of the investments I mentioned last week is a data center.

Carter Critical infrastructure

This is a professional data center

– for 6-8% income and ~15% target total return

· Brochure

· Fact sheet

· Presentation

· $50k minimum investment

· 3-4 year investment period

· Immediate cash flow but no ability to redeem principal early

I know these numbers can seem confusing but I promise, it’s pretty simple once you get a few questions answered.

Feel free to reach out to me with your basic questions, and I’ll get back to you soon.

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