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After 20 years inside one of the top financial firms in the U.S., Shaun became discouraged by the way they were so focused on adding their own revenue that they were unable to adapt to what’s best for the client.

That’s why he broke out and started his own fee-only fiduciary company dedicated to protecting his clients from the fee-laden gimmicks the large investment firms adopt under the guise of sophistication.

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About Shaun

Shaun M. Jones has advised clients on all aspects of investment strategy, portfolio risk, and wealth management for almost two decades.  His clients include affluent individuals and families primarily in the legal, medical, and executive fields.  

Author of Unbrainwashed Investing, and contributing author to the book Real Life Financial Planning for Physicians, Shaun has published research in the field of personal wealth management and contributes to articles for major financial outlets like CNBC online.