Yes, I’m tearing apart another long-held belief; municipal bonds are basically useless also.

When municipal bonds are present in a portfolio it’s almost always a dead giveaway that proper tax techniques are NOT being utilized.

Taxes are usually the largest expense investors have throughout their entire life so minimizing them can make a huge impact. This makes it surprising that almost nobody takes advantage of the simplistic strategies, much less the more sophisticated strategies.

To make it easier to explain, I made a video showing exactly what I mean in simple terms.

As a bonus I also explain:

  1. Several misconceptions about how investments are taxed
  2. Why you’re much better off owning all your bonds inside your retirement account
  3. One of the last great tax loopholes left and how you can benefit from it

This isn’t just a normal video; it’s a real perspective on optimizing your investments for better returns and tax advantages.

Watch it by clicking below:

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