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Take Control of the Taxes on Your Investments

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Episode Description

January 18, 2024 | 7 min 36 sec

Shaun expresses a bit of well-justified frustration about the lack of attention given to tax planning in the financial services industry. He highlights a common scenario where financial advisors direct tax-related questions to accountants, and vice versa, creating confusion for clients. Shaun mentions his previous firm’s policy of disclaiming tax advice even when providing accurate information.

While people believe nothing can be done about taxes, there are basic tax planning strategies that many individuals overlook. Shaun shares the importance of controlling how investments are taxed and mentions specific examples such as not owning bonds in a brokerage account unless the entire retirement account is in bonds. He also touches on more advanced strategies like backdoor Roth conversions and using passive real estate for tax benefits.

The central message is that individuals have more control over their taxes than they realize, and Shaun encourages listeners to engage in basic tax planning to garner the highest after-tax value of investments and wealth, rather than simply minimizing taxes each year.

As a reminder, Shaun offers resources and invites listeners to reach out for assistance with tax planning.