Fund 4 Investment Progress

REAF 4 offers unique benefits and protections against the current challenges in the market, including: 

  • Strategic: Tried-and-true hedge against inflation.
  • Stability: Regular cash flow once stabilized.
  • Experience:  Demonstrated track record in commercial and residential real estate investing.
  • Diversification: Access to higher rates of return than simply investing in stocks/bonds. The target return for this fund is 25%+ higher than the historical average of the stock market.
  • Growth: Long-term appreciation potential.
  • Flexibility: Multiple exit strategies.
  • Transparency: Invest in a specific subsection of real estate deals, not in a blind pool fund.
  • Tax Efficient: Pass through tax benefits that are maximized through the ability to utilize cost segregation strategies and depreciation in general.

Fund 4 Investments

Investment 1

Wickersham Milford

Investment 2

Carter Multi-Family Income Fund IV

Investment 3

Aphorio Carter Critical Infrastructure Fund, LLC

Investment 4

JLAM Real Estate Partners, LP

Previous Funds Returns Overview

rEAF 1

Measuring above 25% IRR
As of 3/31/24


Measuring above 10% IRR
As of 3/31/24

rEAF 3

Measuring above 35% IRR
As of 3/31/24


Targeting 16%