My last post on Structured Notes had a really great response.

I’m not super surprised because Structured Notes are incredible. Seriously, loss protection with more upside and issued by a major bank. It’s pretty great.

(In case you missed it, here’s the snippet:

Structured Notes are really just custom bonds (ideally issued by a large US bank like BOA, Citi, JPMorgan, etc.), and they beat regular bonds by providing:

  1. Better protection (many structured notes protect you 100% from losses!).
  2. More upside (many structured notes offer a multiplier on an underlying index -a recent note a client bought has a multiplier of 115% of the S&P 500
  3. Better tax-efficiency- structured notes can be setup to obtain capital gains treatment on 100% of the profits whereas with traditional bonds the interest is taxed at ordinary income rates (or you can buy muni bonds and earn less interest by an amount roughly equivalent to the taxes you would pay anyway)

I recently made a video dedicated to just Structured Notes I’d like to invite you to watch.

You can watch the video.

After watching this video, you’ll be asking your advisor why they’ve never brought it up.

Grab a spot on my calendar to discuss further.

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