Right off the bat, let me say that commercial real estate is much more than just office buildings.

As you may know, investing in office buildings is not the best idea currently. With the explosion of remote work and recent vice grip on lending, office buildings are suffering, and are expected to suck wind for the next 18 months or so.

This will eventually create huge opportunities, but not yet.

But that doesn’t mean you should be soured on all commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate is very alive and very well. You just have to know how to look.

Every year, my Real Estate Investment arm (Jones Real Estate Access) researches, studies, and funds the best commercial real estate investments possible across all types of real estate assets.

We have found that real estate like data centers, industrial and multifamily complexes, have been earning double-digit returns and are expected to do so for 10-plus years.

Alive and well, indeed…

But a lot of people are overwhelmed by the idea of investing in real estate.

Most people know that real wealth lies in real estate, but they don’t know where to even get started.

I’ve had clients say that investing in real estate is like going to a secret club- you have to know someone to get in, and they need to show you the ropes.

That’s what we do every day in the real world. We bring you into the real estate investment world and do all the hard work for you- and we don’t take part of the profits… that is for our clients.

It’s all about following the key fundamentals, that’s how we have averaged over 20% return per year in our first 3 funds so far.

If you’re interested in real estate investments but want some pointers before you get started, I made a quick video called “4 Keys to Investing in Real Estate”. The video is about 10 minutes but it will give you a great foundation to get going.

Watch the video below

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