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Should You Work With A Financial Advisor?

Should you do it yourself? Hire an advisor? Or fire your current advisor? Are the fees really worth it?

In this chapter from Unbrainwashed Investing, you’ll learn all about advisory fees, investing on your own, and choosing the most competent advisor.

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In this FREE chapter of
Unbrainwashed Investing, you’ll learn…

What it takes to invest on your own.

Discover the types of people who are best equipped to invest without an advisor – and how to know if you’re one of them.

How to know when your advisor is charging too much.

Feeling like your investment gains are being eroded away by fees? I’ll help you know for sure.

How to choose the right advisor for you.

Don’t get stuck with an honest-but-ignorant advisor. I’ll share the secrets to identifying the best advisors.

A competent advisor will never leave you wondering how they are adding value.

Unbrainwashed Investing, Chapter 12


Shaun Jones, CFS, CFP

Having been in the industry for 20 years, and having worked for one of the top financial planning firms in the U.S., I left because I was forced to charge layers and layers of fees. My clients were confused and overwhelmed by their fees, all their different logins, and their statements.

I chose to become a fiduciary because I don’t want to be a salesperson. I want to do what’s actually in your best interest.

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Change The Way You Think About Investing

Escape the investment industry’s grasp and take back control of your wealth. Learn the financial industries secrets that keep your portfolio from reaching its maximum potential.

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