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Real Estate Access Fund 4

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We are very excited to announce the opportunity to join an exclusive investor group for our upcoming JFWM Real Estate Access Fund IV (REAF 4). 

I don’t recommend my clients invest in anything that I personally don’t invest in.  I believe that this opportunity has all of the components for strong short and long-term financial return.

Strategic Investing

Invest In Real Estate

Speak to anyone who has amassed significant wealth.  Most likely you’ll find one commonality:  they invest in real estate.  Finding the right investment can be daunting and seemingly only available to a small community of investors.  I am inviting a limited amount of investors into such a community.  This is an opportunity to directly invest in real estate.

REAF 4 offers unique benefits and protections against the current challenges in the market, including: 

  • Strategic: Tried-and-true hedge against inflation.
  • Stability: Regular cash flow once stabilized.
  • Experience:  Demonstrated track record in commercial and residential real estate investing.
  • Diversification: Access to higher rates of return than simply investing in stocks/bonds. The target return for this fund is 25%+ higher than the historical average of the stock market.
  • Growth: Long-term appreciation potential.
  • Flexibility: Multiple exit strategies.
  • Transparency: Invest in a specific subsection of real estate deals, not in a blind pool fund.
  • Tax Efficient: Pass through tax benefits that are maximized through the ability to utilize cost segregation strategies and depreciation in general.

Previous Funds Returns Overview

rEAF 1

Measuring above 30% IRR


Approximately 10% IRR

rEAF 3

Measuring above 30% IRR


Targeting 16%

Limited Spots Available

Although no commitment is required to join the waiting list, eventual acceptance into REAF 4 will be based on the order in which you join the waiting list.  This deal is not available to the general public.  You must be an accredited investor. 

To learn more about REAF 4, please join us for this informational webinar. 

How Smart Lawyers are Investing in Real Estate Now
June 21, 11am EST

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