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To grow your wealth and live an abundant life, you need financial advice that actually maximizes your wealth.

But there's a problem...

  • You don’t understand the advice your advisor is giving you
  • You suspect the advice you’re getting might not even be good advice
  • You’re overwhelmed by confusing statements and too many logins and accounts
  • Your money is slowly being eroded away by exorbitant fees and avoidable taxes
  • Your advisor promised “comprehensive advice" but now only discusses your portfolio - never your financial plan or tax planning
  • You’re paying high fees for subpar or incomplete advice

The truth is...

Investment firms are incentivized to invest your money in ways that benefit them - not you. And your advisor has no choice but to give you subpar advice.

Advisors survive in this industry not because they give the best advice, but because they create the most revenue for their firms.

But I believe it’s just plain wrong for salespeople to impersonate advisors, creating imaginary problems and making you invest your money based on fear.

That's why I got out.

Having been in the industry for 20 years, and having worked for one of the top financial planning firms in the U.S., I left because I was forced to charge layers and layers of fees. My clients were confused and overwhelmed by their fees, all their different logins, and their statements.

I chose to become a fiduciary because I don't want to be a salesperson. I want to do what’s actually in your best interest.

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The financial landscape is replete with credentialed institutions. Framed documents serve as testimony that advisors have mastered the particular discipline and possess the requisite “knowledge” to successfully serve the investor.

The fact, though, is that mere knowledge is not enough. The money-making skill is discernment, the application of knowledge to actually maximize your investments. Read Shaun's book before evaluating any financial advisor."


On Unbrainwashed Investing

I wrote the book on escaping the grasp of the investment industry and taking back control of your wealth.

After spending time at the top of the industry, I became disgusted at the recommendations advisors were making and even began to question my own.

Instead of leaving the industry, I used my disgust as motivation to become a beacon of truth for my clients

I’m on a mission to help you take back your wealth from greedy investment firms and start maximizing your wealth with confidence.

Here's The Plan:

Step 1: Analyze your current investments and fees

We'll conduct a free "Fee Audit" to uncover the ways your current investment strategy is costing you too much and not making you enough.

step 2: Create Holistic
Wealth-Building Plan

After our first call, we’ll take a look at your statements and see how we can help you immediately save money on fees and taxes.

Step 3: Enjoy your
abundant life

You’ll feel confident and savvy (and rightly so!) knowing you’re growing your wealth smarter than anyone else in the room.

My Promise to You

I’m so confident in the wealth-building plan we’ll create that if after the first 6 months you're not satisfied for any reason, I'll...

  • stop charging you my fees immediately,
  • help you find a new advisor,
  • streamline your transfer to your new advisor, AND
  • refund your fees from your first 6 months.

It's that simple.

Take back your wealth.

See "behind the veil" of the investment industry that may be eroding away your wealth.

After almost two decades as a personal financial advisor, I was disgusted at the recommendations other advisors were making. I even began to question my own.

But instead of leaving the industry, I used my disgust as motivation to become a beacon of truth for my clients.

Read the book to start reclaiming your wealth today.

Discover all the financial industry's "dirty little secrets," including:

  • Why honest advisors make bad recommendations
  • How advisors survive in the industry - not by giving you the best advice, but by creating revenue for their firms
  • Which advisory fees are actually worth paying
  • How markets really work and the specific factors that matter
  • How to invest with a strategy of certainty rather than feeling like you are gambling
If you have money invested in the market, this book is for you. 

If you need to solidify your understanding of the market, this book is for you.

Even if you just want to keep your advisor honest, this book is for you.

Review from a reader:

A compelling read. Jones takes a comprehensive, multi-faceted look at the inherently flawed financial industry and compels us to examine and avoid potential pitfalls to reaching our personal investment goals. This book will broaden perspective, challenge assumptions, and provide practical considerations imperative for financial success."

About Shaun

Shaun  M.  Jones has advised clients on all aspects of investment strategy, portfolio risk, and wealth management for almost two decades.  His clients include affluent individuals and families primarily in the legal, medical, and executive fields.  

A contributing author to the book Real Life Financial Planning for Physicians, Shaun has published research in the field of personal wealth management and contributes to articles for major financial outlets like CNBC online.